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 Have you ever visited a website that is so jam-packed with text, images, icons and other stuff to the extent where you couldn’t even find what actually brought you to that website?

You could be a journalist, student or teacher who is trying to copy down a particular text you saw while researching on a website like Wikipedia.

You could be an Android phone user trying to find the stock firmware of your phone on a particular site which practically has a long list of stock firmware but isn’t properly arranged.

Most especially, when browsing sites with a lot of text and you want to note down or quote and important text you came across, reading all through or in between the lines would just be as stressful as it sounds.

This is one thing that happens to everybody or a few who haven’t discovered the hidden treasures around them.

I remember when I was trying to find a specific firmware on a very popular site, I had to manually scroll down and look at each firmware name so as to find the specific firmware with its build number.

This list was about 400+ Spreadtrum PAC FILES  and it wasn’t really arranged alphabetically. It was when I got to about a 100 or so, I then murmured to myself,

” What am I doing? What if I have passed the file I was looking for ?”

It was then that I immediately remembered the shortest way out which I am going to share very soon. I bet you, you will find this simple tip very useful when the time comes.

How To Find Specific Text On A Webpage While Browsing Via Google Chrome

 How to find specific text or file on a webpage easily

While using one of the most popular and user-friendly web browsers, finding text shouldn’t be an issue on less you probably have serious eye problems of which accessibility settings can take care of.

  • On an Android phone with Google Chrome browser installed, launch the browser and open the desired Web page.
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots at the top right, after the address bar. In the list that pops up, select the “Find in page”
  • In the box that appears, type the text and you will see all the matched text highlighted and the total number written on the right.
  • You can use the up ^ and down arrow keys to scroll through the text found and the close × button to close the search box.

When browsing a page via Chrome browser on your PC, to find a text on a specific page, press CTRL + F on your Keyboard

 CTRL+F to find text on page while browsing via chrome

to bring up the search box.

A search box will appear. Enter the desired text you wish to find on the particular page inside the search box and hit the Enter button.

You should now see instances of the searched term mentioned on that page and pressing the Enter button will take you to each of them.

It’s as simple as it seems. This is one shortcut bloggers always use when editing their template. Although it’s popular, most people forget to apply it in the “real world” scenario.

How To Find Specific Text On A Webpage While Browsing Via Firefox

 find text on a page via mozilla firefox

Firefox is one web browser I personally love because it has some extremely unique features other browsers don’t have.

Well, apart from using the general method for searching of text on web pages above, Firefox has added something that makes it seamless/automatic whenever you wish to find a text.

To automatically find any text on a particular page without pressing the CTRL +  F keys, just do this on Firefox.

  1. Open Firefox and click on the Menu icon at the top right, just under the close (X) button.
  2. Select the Options. You should now be in Firefox Browser Setup menu.firefox settings menu enable finding of text while browsing
  3. Click on Advanced and then tick “Search for text when I start typing”
  4. And that’s all! Next time when you are reading a web page and you wanna search a particular phrase, just start typing the word (s) and instantly, you will get results related to what you typed.

How To Find Specific Text On A Webpage While Browsing Via iPhone Safari

safari iphone find text on page while browsing

You shouldn’t expect anything less from Android and Windows rival, Apple. Apple iOS is naturally very friendly apart from their iCloud issues.

Well if you have got an Apple device and would want to know how you can find text on the page you are currently viewing, just follow this simple steps.

  1. Launch Safari browser and open the page you wish to search text on.
  2. Tap on the top of the screen to make the URL bar and sharing buttons visible in Safari, then tap on the Share button which looks like a little box with an arrow coming out of it.
  3. Scroll through the secondary action items in the Sharing options screen, scroll past Favorites, Add Bookmark, Copy, etc to find “Find On Page
  4. Type the text or number to search on the current web page, then tap on the “Search” button, the first match will immediately be visible and highlighted in the Safari browser
  5. Use the arrow keys next to the search box to find next and previous text matches for your search phrase on the web page, when finished tap on “Done
find on web page safari ios 9

How To Find Specific Text On A Webpage While Browsing Via Internet Explorer 8, 10 And 11

internet explorer find text on page

If you are using Internet Explorer on your windows computer to surf the internet, and you want to find text on a particular page, it is also easy.

To find text on a page using Internet Explorer 8, 10 or 11 without toggling too many settings, just press CTRL + F (Control + Key F)  and type the text in the box at the left with Find written before it.

The matched text will be highlighted and the number of matched text will be written on the right. If you wish to go through all the matched text, use the Previous and Next buttons on the right.

The more you start using this, the better your web experience would be. Students, researchers, bloggers and web surfers can’t get the best of the real web without this little tool.

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