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Xender is one of those must-have iOS/Android apps that every smartphone owner should consider installing. If you haven’t heard of Xender; it’s alright, you will find out all you need to know about the best cross-platform file sharing app.

Most people are used to the older Flashshare app which does almost the same thing with Xender App. Let’s see what Xender is all about.


What’s Xender?


Xender is an all-new/refreshed cross-platform file sharing app developed by Xender Team. Xender makes it possible for two or more smartphones to connect via WiFi/Hotspot to share photos, applications, and other media.

Xender is available on iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac OS and it’s in about 22 languages.

Xender can comfortably transfer and share any type of files; from photos, documents, to music, videos, even apps without using your mobile data.

Doesn’t this sound cool? It’s probably a big yes! 

Now it’s time to move on.


What does my phone need to use Xender App

Xender is one of the smartest and easiest file sharing app available for the two most popular operating systems, Android and iOS. To use Xender on your smartphone, you just need

  • Space to install the app. It’s about 7MB in size.
  • Your smartphone should have WiFi/Hotspot and Bluetooth capability.
  • Nothing else

Normally, every smartphone should have WiFi connectivity.

It’s time to know how to install Xender App on your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. But before then, let’s see the awesome features of Xender app.

Features Of Xender

Below are awesome features of Xender that will make it one of your favorite apps.

  • Xender is the best file sharing app with smart, fast and an easy to use interface
  • Xender can be used to share any kind of file like audio, video, documents, apps etc
  • Xender is available on other operating systems like iOS, Tizen, Windows, and Mac.
  • It works flawlessly without mobile data usage
  • It’s better and faster than Bluetooth
  • No need for USB connection and PC software installation
  • Supported languages include English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese


How To Install Xender App On Android


If you have an Android smartphone, you can start enjoying the smart features of Xender file sharing app.

It’s always recommended to install the latest version of any app and because of that, the download link for the Xender app will be directly from the official Google Playstore.

Link to download Xender from Google Play – Download

Make sure you have space available to install the app. You might need to sign in to your Google account to install the app. If you are already logged in, just click Install and it will download and install automatically.

You just installed the most highly rated file sharing app on your Android phone.


How To Install Xender App On iOS

Xender is available on iOS devices and can be comfortably installed via iTunes app store. To install Xender on your compatible iPhone/iPad, click on the download link which will redirect you to iTunes, where you will find the latest version of Xender for your device.

To install Xender on your iPhone or iPad, your firmware version should be on iOS 8.0 or later.

Download Xender for iOS – Download


How To Install Xender App On Windows /Mobile devices


The powerful file sharing app is also available in the Windows store. The system requirements only need a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile OS version to run the app.

You can download Xender for Windows Mobile devices here.

I also got a super tip for you. No USB cables needed, no mobile data needed. If you would like to connect Xender to your PC and get your phone synchronized, check here.


How To Install Xender App On Mac OS

For downloading and running the Xender app on a Mac OS,  you can follow the steps given below.
  •  First, you need to download Bluestacks app for Mac from here.
  • Then you need to install the Bluestacks app on your Mac.
  • Open the Bluestacks app on your Macbook or iMac.
  • You will find the search bar at the top, search xender in the search bar.
  • Now download and install Xender app from the store.

That’s it, you have downloaded and installed Xender app on your mac. Now start using it. Using it is very easy. It’s just like using it on Android phone.


How To Share Xender App To An Android/iPhone

Like I said earlier, Xender is smart, fast and very easy. You can’t share apps, photos and other files to other smartphones if Xender or a compatible file sharing app (e.g Flashshare) isn’t installed on the recipient’s phone, you can’t share to it.

So, let’s see how to share/transfer Xender app to another compatible smartphone. To easily share Xender app to another Android phone, follow this steps.

Sharing via WiFi

It’s faster to share via WiFi and you/the recipient don’t need any mobile data connection.

  • Open Xender app on your phone
  • Click on the User logo icon at the top, just close to login
  • Click on More
  • Select Share Xender to other phones
  • Select Hotspot

Xender would now create a Hotspot connection with the name and web address displayed on your screen.

Now, on  the receiver’s phone, do the following:

  • Go to WiFi settings on the receiver’s phone and turn on the WiFi
  • Click on the Hotspot you created from the phone and it would then connect successfully.
  • Open any browser(E.g stock browser, Chrome etc) on the receiver’s phone.
  • Click on the address bar and enter the web address shown on your Xender’s screen You can skip the http://
  • Hit the enter button and you will then be asked to save the download (Xender)
  • You can now install it to also be able to receive and share files.


Sharing via Bluetooth

  • Open Xender app on your phone
  • Click on the User logo icon at the top, just close to login
  • Click on More
  • Select Share Xender to other phones
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Click on share using Bluetooth
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the receiver’s phone and make sure it’s visible.
  • Select the Bluetooth device from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your phone and it will be sent.
  • Check the receiving phone, pair with it if needed and accept the incoming file.
  • Install directly or from the file manager after it has been transferred successfully.

Other options to share Xender includes, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. Sharing via these channels will send a link to the recipient where he/she can click to download Xender.


How To Send/Receive Files Through Xender App

One main use of Xender is for sharing. After installing Xender on both phones, it’s time to see how to share files via Xender. To share files (Documents, Videos, Music, Photos etc) via Xender, you can use any of the following:

  • Manually go to the photo, video, app or document you wish to send.
  • Select it and click on share.
  • Select Xender from the list of file sharing apps.
  • Xender should now open in Sending mode

The receiver should open Xender and click on Receivehe will then click on your HotSpot name in the search circle, which will connect the two phones.

You can manually select apps or any other file and hit the Send button to share it.


How to Connect Xender From Android To iOS(iPhone iPad) To Transfer Files

Xender is a cross-platform app and that makes it easy to connect to other platforms. To connect Xender from an Android phone to an iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Xender app on your Android phone and click on the green Send icon at the bottom left.
  2. Tap Connect to iOS
  3. Install Xender from the App store on your iPhone
  4. Go to WiFi on your iPhone and connect to the WiFi network on your Android screen.
  5. Open Xender on your iPhone
  6. Tapon the Connect button
  7. You should now see a connection successful notification.
  8. Now you can now send and receive files to/from any of the devices.


Awesome Xender App Tips You Should Know

Every app has its tips and tricks, and Xender isn’t an exception. Below are some of the relevant tips and tricks you should know about Xender.

  1. Xender can share any kind of file on your device e.g videos, music, photos, PDF, Doc files, APKs, movies etc.
  2. To transfer your system apps to another device via Xender, scroll down to the bottom of the apps tab and click on System appsYou can then mark and send the apps to any compatible device.
  3. To show hidden files in Xender, click on your profile image>Settings>Show hidden files
  4. To hide (.nomedia(hidden)) files and folders from showing in Xender, click on your profile image>Settings>Hide .nomedia folders  
  5. To disable sharing of mobile data when connected to other devices, click on your profile image>Settings and then unmark the Share mobile data
  6. On the latest Android versions, you must enable location service to be able to receive files from another device.
  7. You can comfortably connect Xender with Flashshare to share files.
  8. If you can’t send files, let the other user create, while you join. Then, select I want to send on your own device to share the file.
  9. Xender can connect to more than one devices at a time.
  10. To find files sent to you via Xender, go to your File Manager, select the Storage location (Internal or SD Card), scroll down, find and open a folder named Xender, select the category of the file (app, music, video, other) and there you can find it.
  11. You can pause and resume transfer on the recent versions of Xender.
  12. Without enabling storage permissions for Xender on newer Android version, you can’t receive/send files. Storage/permissions are always requested the first time you open an app.
  13. Phone Replicate“, a feature that makes it so easy to backup your phone when you get a new one. By using this feature you can select to copy contacts, pictures, and others files from your existing phone to new phone in just a few simple clicks.
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