Gone are those days when you must have a Yahoo Mail account before some group of people see you as someone who is serious about his/her online activities. I recall how it was so popular to have an email like [email protected]

As Android came on board, a lot of things began and has literally changed. 

Every Android phone is naturally preloaded with Google apps and services which makes it almost compulsory for users to have a Google account to access those services. Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Play Music, Play Store etc are all Google apps and can’t work properly without a Google account.

Because of how popular Android is, every Android phone user actually have a Gmail account and some even have more than one.

Gmail is now the most popular email platform and it’s always getting better. If you don’t really understand what Email is, let me make it very clear.

What is an Email?

An email (Gmail, Yahoo mail etc) is an electronic mail that functions like a normal SMS but works online. It has more features, secured and can accept attachments. You just need a unique address where other users can comfortably send you emails.

Every app, especially popular ones, always have some tips & tricks which makes using them faster or easier. Just like, instead of going to the Settings via the all apps section on your Android phone, it’s faster when you drag the notification panel down and just hit the settings icon.

It’s as simple as that.

Gmail tips make using Gmail less stressful, enjoyable and fast. Below are the best Gmail tips to arm you for 2018, know more hidden features in Gmail and experiment with other features will all be shared here.

If you have got something that you call a Gmail tip or trick, prepare to learn more useful Gmail tips.


The Most Useful Gmail Tips For 2018

Below are most of the best hand-picked Gmail tips and tricks that will always come handy and make you a Gmail power user.

How to block email and users in Gmail

If you have always been busy labeling emails as spam and really want to give it a final knock out, you should consider blocking the users.

Gmail now lets you fully block a user who’s bugging you. To block a user on Gmail, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Gmail via the web and open the email you wish to block its user/sender
  • Click the More drop-down menu—that’s the down arrow next to the Reply button on a message.
  • Click on Block”Username” from the drop-down list
  • And the user has now been blocked. Future messages from all blocked contacts will be marked as Spam.

How to completely delete Gmail messages from a folder

Sometimes we want to delete emails from a folder and there are just too many to mark all at once. Well, you should be careful when deleting emails in bulk. Make sure it’s not relevant and it’s spam or you really want to trash it.

So how do I delete all the messages in my Gmail inbox/spam folder in one click?

  • Open the folder containing the emails you wish to delete
  • Now click on the icon at the top left to mark all the messages/emailsDelete all emails in Gmail
  • About 50 emails will now be marked. To mark all the emails, select the option just after the notification to mark the rest of the emails.Select all emails to delete in Gmail
  • Now you can click on the delete icon to remove the marked emails.
  • That’s how to completely delete the emails in any folder completely.

Get paid (or send money) in Gmail

You know about Google Wallet right? Ok, Google Wallet has been integrated into Gmail. And what about that you might ask.

If you and the recipient have a Google Wallet account with banking info attached, you can enable the Google Wallet setting for “Send money using Gmail” and you will now be able to send money to your recipients.

To send money in Gmail,

Click the dollar sign icon at the bottom of a message or select Request Money to tell someone to pay up.

Did you know all Gmail messages are securely encrypted

Worried about your email privacy and security? Don’t worry much ok. Google has been encrypting all Gmail messages ever since 2013. All your Gmail-to-Gmail emails are very safe coupled with the default HTTPS when accessed online.

How to add other email accounts to Gmail

Did you know you can access Gmail accounts and other accounts, like Yahoo and Hotmail/ addresses, Exchange/Office 365 accounts, and of course POP3 and IMAP accounts, in the Gmail app for Android?

All the features you get on Gmail like the spam filtering and tabbed inbox will also be available on other email accounts. It’s really exciting to put all your email accounts in one place.

To get this awesome Gmail tip to work, you just need the Gmail Android app and your Google account added to it. Below are the steps to add other email accounts to Gmail Android app.

  • Open the Gmail app and click on the menu at the top left.
  • Click the down arrow next to your account name.


  • Click the + Add Account, pick the type of account you want to add, Add email account to Gmail and enter all the credentials. Then you’ll see all your email in one unified inbox on your phone or tablet.

If you prefer Yahoo Mail, as some do, you have the option to get your Gmail there (as well as your AOL and messages). In the newest version of Yahoo Mail, click the gear icon () > More Settings > Mailboxes > Add Mailbox > Google.

Likewise, if you’re an user, go to the gear () > Connected Accounts and click Gmail. You can set it to be a send-only account, or import all your Gmail messages.

Make Gmail to handle all email links

When browsing the web, it’s normal for your browser to open your default mail service when you click on a mailto: link. If you would like to make Gmail the default service to open mailto: links,  it’s possible and easy.

In the Chrome menu () go to SettingsAdvanced > > Privacy and Security > Content Settings > Handlers (or type chrome://settings/handlers into the address bar).

If mailto isn’t listed, look for the Protocol Handler icon that should now appear in the address bar at top—it looks like overlapping diamonds.

Click it, and you can set up mailto to point at “” If there is another program listed for mailto, remove it and replace it.

How to use multiple Gmail Accounts

As someone who loves Gmail to the core, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to use more than one Gmail account and access them comfortably in a single place?

If you’re a Gmail devotee and have multiple accounts, you don’t have to sign out and in all the time. Here’s how to use multiple Gmail accounts in one.

On the desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), you can sign into multiple accounts at once; they’ll each occupy a tab and stay signed in. Click on your account on the top-right > Add Account.

Import other emails to Gmail

You can’t beat Gmail for searching and sorting messages. So if you’ve got some legacy email account using only POP3 that you’ve been checking on a client like Thunderbird, ditch that software and get the messages into your Gmail account.

Go to  > Settings >Accounts and Import > Check mail from other accounts (it’s right in the middle). Add it and those messages filter right in same as all the others. You can add up to five.

How to retract/Undo Sent emails in Gmail

Did you know you can quickly undo sent emails in Gmail? Just like the retract/delete message feature on WhatsApp, Gmail can also undo sent emails. To setup Undo Send in Gmail, follow these steps:

  • Go to  Settings > General tab and check off  “Enable Undo Send,”
  • Select how long the cancellation period should be (5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds).

That’s it. Whenever you send a message, you’ll see an Undo link in a yellow box floating at the top. If you click it in time, your message will not go out, and you’ll get a chance to re-edit it before you try again, or delete it entirely.

Use Smart Reply in Gmail on Android and iOS

Use smart reply on Gmail iOS

It’s pretty easy to read your emails while you’re on the go, but responding to those emails takes an effort. Smart Reply, available in Inbox by Gmail and Allo, saves you time by suggesting quick responses to your messages.

So how does smart reply works?

  • Once you get an email and you open it, Smart Reply suggests three responses based on the email you received.
  • Once you’ve selected one, you can send it immediately or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text. Either way, you’re saving time.

Smart Reply utilizes machine learning to give you better responses the more you use it. It learns the way you respond to messages and gives suggestions that will personally suit you.


How to remotely sign out from all Gmail sessions

If you have accessed Gmail from multiple computers, smartphones, and tablets at the same time, you might stay signed in when you don’t mean to (on, say, a public computer), or worse, suspect someone of using your account behind your back.

To be on the safe side, you can conveniently sign out from all the logged in sessions. To do that,

  • Access Gmail on a desktop/Computer
  • Go to the inbox and scroll down.
  • In the fine print at the bottom of the page, it shows “Last account activity” and a time.How-to-remotely-sign-out-from-all-Gmail-sessions
  • Click the Details link to see all the activity for the account; click the button to sign out of all the other sessions in use. You should also turn on the option to show any unusual activity at the bottom.Remotely-sign-out-from-all-Gmail-sessions

You can add Emails to Tasks or Create Event

If you have Gmail, you have a Google Calendar and Google Tasks account. Turning an email into a calendar event or to-do list task is a breeze:

While reading the message, highlight some text, go to the More menu at the top, and select either “Add to Tasks” or “Create Event.”

You can back up every message on Gmail and download your Google data

Did you know you could download a backup of your messages, emails, map data, Google keep data etc. If you had like to download just your emails, it’s very easy.


With Google Takeout, users of Google products like Youtube, Chrome, Gmail etc, can download their entire data in a zip format and save it for offline usage. You can actually save/download almost everything you’ve ever done with your Google account, from video uploads to location history on Google Maps.

Whatever you want, you can comfortably download it to your PC or device.

Make your Gmail to load faster in slow network

Is it taking too long for your Gmail on your Desktop browser to load up, or the network is kinda slow? Well, you can speed it up and access your emails even with the worst network conditions.

So, how do I speed up my Gmail to load faster?

  • Look for the link in the lower right as Gmail’s progress bar stalls.
  • It says Load Basic HTML, and it will load up Gmail as fast as possible.

If you care to know how the basic HTML works, it’s just Gmail without all the stuffy HTML5/Javascript goodness.

If you always want the slow version (because sometimes even Gmail loads too fast to hit that link), add “/?ui=html” to the end of the URL——then bookmark it.

Star Gmail messages that are important

I guess you must have seen or used this before. Well, adding a star to an email signifies that it’s important, requires follow-up, needs to be read later or maybe something of importance to you.

Clicking the star on a message will highlight it and make it easy to find (under the Starred label/folder or search for is:starred).

Wanna add more stars, you’re not limited to just a yellow star.

Go to Settings > Stars and activate the option to use one star, four stars, or all the stars—you just click the icon over and over on the message to cycle through to the one you want.

Easily unsubscribe to everything

If you keep getting annoying emails from spam or newsletters, it’s easy to unsubscribe. Well, most have an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message, and you can and should use those.

But Gmail on the desktop also sticks an “Unsubscribe” link at the TOP of the message, right next to the sender’s name.Easily-unsubscribe-to-email-Gmail

For easy clean-up, type “unsubscribe” into search, and you’ll get a list of every message that has the word listed.

Go through them, and it’s as close as you can get to bulk unsubscribing without a third-party service.

Easily mark groups of messages

Do you always manually mark your emails to delete or carry out an action?  Well, it isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes you might get about 50 emails from a single user and you have read them all but would like to delete them.

Most people would manually mark the emails until the last one before hitting the delete button. The easiest way to mark a long list of emails is:

  • Mark the first one
  • Hold down the Shift key
  • Scroll and mark the last one. All the emails from the first to the last will be marked.

You can now carry out any action like you wish like delete, report spam, archive, move, etc. If you had like to select some out, just hold down the CTRL key and uncheck the ones you wish to be left out. It’s so easy.

Know everything about your Gmail contacts, right from your inbox via FullContact

FullContact for Gmail is a Chrome extension that lets you see the social profiles and job titles of everyone who sends you emails. You can read through their tweets, check out their Instagram photos, and browse their Facebook updates.

You can even get detailed information on their organizations — like location, size, and demographics.

Install FullContact here.

Mailburn turns your Gmail into WhatsApp when you check it on your phone

This iPhone app automatically shows you Gmail conversations with real people only. The theory is that you can take care of things like newsletters when you are on your computer but that you don’t want to miss an email from an actual person when you are on the go.

In the app, you see conversations as chats like in WhatsApp, without things like “Show quoted text.”

Download Mailburn from the App Store.

Snapmail sends self-destructing emails for you

Snapmail is a Chrome extension that adds a button next to Gmail’s “send” button that you can use to send self-destructing messages. The button encrypts your message and only sends someone a link to it. Once your recipient follows the link to the message, Snapmail informs the person that it will self-destruct in 60 seconds. And then it does. Right now, Snapmail encrypts only text content.

Install Snapmail here

With Giphy you can add cool Gifs to your emails

Giphy, the world’s premier GIF-searching company, has a Chrome extension that puts the power of GIFs straight into your Gmail. If you install the extension, a little rainbow Giphy icon will pop up near your normal formatting icons.

And this button will let you insert GIFs into your emails. Choose from any of the wonderful GIFs available and add some life to your emails.

Install Giphy for Chrome here

Add a custom signature to your emails via WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a Chrome extension that helps you customize your signature. You can choose fonts, size, color, and images — but you can also add in more exotic elements like RSS feeds, and social services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Get WiseStamp here

These are most of the very best Gmail tips and tricks every Gmail user should know. If you got something interesting related to this article, we would like to hear you via the comments section.


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